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Choosing a Paint Sheen 

    While choosing a paint sheen is not hard, it does depends on what you like. Right?

Well the paint sheen has a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of any interior room or exterior surface. Although you might want to choose a paint sheen based on the look alone, there are some general guidelines that can effect your Paint Sheen decision.

    Thou the amount of gloss can and does have an enormous effect on both appearance and performance of the paint. The effects can go well beyond the general appearance. The sheen of the paint can change the overall look of a color as well. A paint color with a flat sheen can look lighter or darker than the same color with a satin or gloss sheen.

While evaluating a colors appearance you should also judge the affect of your preferred paint sheen.

So What is a Sheen and How Do I Choose One

    Sheen is a measurement of a finishes gloss or shininess. Paint sheens range from dead flat to high gloss. Names can very from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically there are four categories.

 Here is why you need to consider a sheen wisely. 

First there is Flat or Matte Paint

This is our second most popular sheen chosen by our customers for walls.    

Flat paint is primarily used on ceilings and walls in main living areas.

 Flat may also called a "matte" finish. This is least reflective and is the most forgiving by not showing minor wall imperfections as bad as a paint sheen with more gloss. Be advised many top quality flats still have a very slight sheen when two coats are applied. Flat paints do tend to hide minor surface imperfections, including scratches and small dents better than other sheen's, plus has the greatest hiding capability allowing for fewer coats of paint.

    Flat paint is best choice for most if not all interior ceilings but not all flats are suitable for ceilings. You don't need a washable paint on most ceiling! Almost all ceilings have imperfections to a degree and using a dead flat paint is recommend like Sherwin Williams Eminence High Performance Ceiling Paint.

While quality flat paints are very washable but they may be susceptible to damage from constant exposure to high humidity and water. But Benjamin Moore's Aura® Bath And Spa Paint works well.


Next is Eggshell or Satin or Low Luster

This has become the most popular sheen for walls chosen by our customers.    

Both eggshell and satin ( Low Luster) paint have slightly more sheen than flat. This is often referred to as a moderate paint sheen level. Eggshell usually has a lower sheen than a satin paint but some paint companies do not have it in all their products. They can also convey warmth to trim without being excessively shiny. This is best choice on trim where it is not in perfect shape as not to show imperfections as bad.

    While both satin and eggshell paint sheens can be excellent choices for some interior walls. Satin paints have better stain resistance than most eggshell and flat paints. They resists dirt more and can be scrubbed more vigorously. They are a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms or applied to trim and doors, an excellent choice for kid’s rooms or high traffic areas.

    Satin is also a great choice for exterior work since it more readily sheds water and resists the affects of the sun when compared to flat. 



This sheen is mostly used for woodwork

Very few of our customers choose this sheen for walls.    

Semi Gloss is a higher sheen than eggshell or satin finishes. Semi-gloss paints are even more resistant to dirt and scuff marks, plus are easier to clean. Traditionally used in kitchens, bathrooms and on trim, windows or doors and any area that requires regular or vigorous cleaning will benefit from using a semi-gloss paint.


Gloss and High Gloss

 Gloss or High gloss is seldom asked for by any or our customer.

  These highly reflective finishes are tougher, more stain resistant and easier to clean than any lower paint sheen. Because of their highly reflective nature surface imperfections will be highly noticeable and will be exaggerated. Gloss paint can be applied to the same areas as semi-gloss paint. This type of paint will produce a "plastic" coated look on smooth trim and doors. It requires a huge amount of prep work to look good. 

Choose wisely grass hopper!

You may have to live with your paint choice a long time.

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