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We built this custom computer table for  Ralph Thompson of Hixson, TN.  We used oak plywood, solid oak wood and used a dark walnut stain. He gave us the general idea of what he needed and we built it for him but it was a challenge with only two legs in the front! He used it for around three years doing research for the Beersheba Springs Historical Society Mr Thompson passed away on February 10, 2017.  He was a very special man and we will missed by many.

A Custom Computer Table

This was not of my design but of the man it was for. He had almost impossible specs due to his power wheelchair. But we did pull it off!

There is only two legs on the front and a 6 inch square cut out of the front corner. I did have some input in the construction but the customer had some ideas and they were incorporated in the design. He wanted adjustable legs on the table and after several searches and looking at a lot of legs I came across these online. Thought they were not cheap but they were just what he wanted and needed. 

It is made of 3/4 inch oak plywood and solid 1 x 8 oak boards on the back. It was stained Dark Walnut.

I could make you one just like it but I doubt I will ever be asked to make another like this one.

It is 30" x  96"  x  24" x  92"

As of 11-15-13 it would be $1200 and that price is subject to change.

Custom built by Martin Brothers Painting Chattanooga TN