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 Exterior Paint Jobs around Chattanooga TN

Just one of the homes we painted in 2020. We painted most of the interior  in 2019. 

This one was on Big Ridge and they had replace all of the siding before we started except the high end. Like all the homes we paint it was not sprayed. All siding and trim was brushed with two coats.

We choose not to take easy way out by spraying!

More paint on the house where it belongs and none in the air where it does not belong.

This Oliver Street home was built in 1930 and has been several colors over the years. 

The homeowners did a great job picking out a color for their home back in 2009. The color is off in these photos. It looks much better in person.


This home still looked good in 2015 when I saw it last.

The owner has since sold it and we have since painted the interior of his new downtown Chattanooga condo. 


Chattanoga Ovlver Street before


Chattanooga Oliver Street Chattanooga TN  Pre Lead Base Paint Law After

The owners were very pleased with the finished job.

We used Valspar's DuraMax for this home.

The home owner wanted two coats.

 It did take two coats of the brown to look good. Nothing was sprayed!

This was the first time we have used this paint and we love it.

 This  home is in North Chattanooga.

After this home was pressure washed we brushed on two coats of Valspar Duramax satin paint.

This Column Before Photos

This Column After Photos

Chattanooga Oxford Road after

Red Bank area home painted with satin and semi-gloss Valspar Duramax paint.


This home has since been sold.

I drove by the other day and this home still looks good after 8 years.

The Hixson area home below was painted with Behr's best exterior paint. 

Hixson Duplex we painted with Sherwin Williams Duration paint.

We painted this Middle Valley home for my late barber and his wife. 

He cut my hair for 42 years and I will miss him. 

We used Behr's best and Benjamin Moore's Moorglo.


A Kimball Tennessee Garage. 

This was out of our service area but we did it as a favor for a friend of my wife.


Kimball TN Garage Before Painting

After pressure washing, scraping, replacing some trim, priming, caulking and painting.

Kimball TN garage after painitng by Martin Brothers Painting Hixson TN


Before Painting this garage


Kimball TN garage after painting by Martin Brothers Painting Hixson TN



Front view of this Kimbal TN garage after painting


Pool Pergola before painting Chattanooga TN


Chattanooga Pool Pergola painted by Martin Brothers Painting Hixson TN




 A Big Ridge Home painted by Martin Brothers Painting


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