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If the above statement sounds like you, then you need help figuring just out what color or colors you would like on the outside or inside or your house. This information should help you. If after browsing the basic information below you still aren't sure about what color to choose. I have some links in the link section of our website to help you. If you still have not decided on the colors,  Martin Brother Painting recommends Chattanooga Paint and Decorating on Hixson Pike they are very good. Or go to any other paint store around Chattanooga and ask them if they can help most will be glad to help you choose colors.

    It can be challenging to find the best colors to fit your ambitions and still have a color scheme that will be enjoyable or even increase your homes resale value. Paint manufacturers and some local retailers are making it easier for people to make suitable color selections. With everything from pre-coordinated palettes to a website that lets you color your house with the click of a mouse, you can design the perfect paint job if you are lucky. But be warned if you do not have high speed internet access then do not even try to use them! You can go to our link page to try one out that Benjamin Moore offers. It is very cool.     Here are some tips, culled from local and national sources, for picking the hue for that's right for you.


A Helpful Color Suggestion Chart

If your house is the following color or you're thinking about painting it:


Ideas for trim colors you might consider:


Ideas for accents such as doors, shutters and railings:


Colors to consider for your decks, railings or columns:


Crisp and clean, an inviting choice.

Blue or Gray

Yellow, Green, Red or Black

White, Gray or Natural


A neutral statement, the color of castles.

Whites and Ivory

Dark Gray, Blue or Burgundy

White, Blue or Gray


A natural statement that will blend into the surroundings.

Cream, deeper or lighter shade of Taupe

Hunter Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue or Charcoal Gray

Taupe, Green, Redwood or Cream


The color of the sky, stands out against your landscape

White, Ivory, deeper or lighter shade of Blue

Yellow, Rose, Burgundy and White

White, Blue, Natural or Gray


A bright welcoming color, the shade of the sun.

White or Green

Blue, Green, Teal or White

White, Cream or Natural