A Video of our newest pressure washing attachment cleaning a driveway.

We now using our Ridgid pressure washing attachment for concrete driveways, patios and walkways. This 18 inch surface cleaner is the best we have ever used and has done a great job cleaning concrete. To the left you may check out the video I made on its first use on November 17, 2016. We are very pleased that you are here to view this video.  We hope that after you have viewed the video you will consider us for your next pressure washing job.

Who doesn't want a clean driveway? Dirty concrete can be dangerous when wet and you could slip and get hurt. I have had some close calls myself while working.

As a special bonus for reading page and also liking us on Facebook I want to offer you a 10 percent discount on your first job. Just tell me after I have given you a non discounted estimated price. Sorry but this is only for six new customers in 2021 and is limited to flat concrete surfaces like driveways, patios and walks. 

We would be honored if you look around our newly redesigned website to see what we could possibly do for you.


Every concrete is different and some stubborn spots may remain after cleaning. Some concrete  has started to crack and some may have holes or loose gravel at the surface. We advice that non sealed concrete not be cleaned every year if at all possible!

Every time you do pressure washing a small amount of the surface is lost.

Below is a video of a house we did soon after I started

Martin Brothers Painting.

To the left is a video of some house painting we did in and around Chattanooga.

We have been painters in Hixson, Tn and around Chattanooga for many years and only started our own business in 2009.

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