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First I would like to say the following.

We have been featured on Thumbtack for awhile now as a top Exterior Painter in Chattanooga. You may check out our Thumbtack Spotlight here. We love all the reviews on Thumbtack and other sites but we do not respond to Thumbtack or other so called free to consumer estimate requests they are not free for contractors, these sites charge us $15 for very small jobs, or much more for leads some up to $35. They are making a killing selling 4 to 5 leads at $35 or more per job. 

So they are not actually free. You will end up paying indirectly as the contractor will be passing the costs on to you. Say a contractor gets one out of five you might just be paying for several of the ones he does not get.

So please contact us directly. 

Like I said above we do not use Thumbtack leads or others due to their high cost to us and indirect costs to you associated with them!

Check out my blog post about the hidden costs to consumers and providers. I hope you will now think again about using these services that claim to be free to the consumer.


   My name is Scott Martin and I live in North Red Bank, Tennessee a just few feet out of the Chattanooga city limits. I attended Chattanooga State and majored in Mechanical Drafting, My brother Paul attended Chattanooga State and Majored in Commercial Art. Paul and I are the only painters at Martin Brothers Painting. I was also working for several years as a trim carpenter and painter for Dowlen Construction before we were laid off in October of 2008.

 While we were employed by Dowlen Construction we painted both small and very large homes in the Chattanooga area.

 As a trim carpenter with them I also installed a large amount of the trim from around 2005 to November 2008. I hung interior doors, installed baseboard, trimmed out cased openings, windows and doors and built built-in bookcases and mantels.

   I worked for Dowlen Construction full time for 24 years and my brother Paul for 15 until late October 2008 when they closed and later went out of business.


      Thank you for your time and consideration and we hope to hear from you very soon.

Below is list of some of subdivisions

where we have painted.

  • In Hixson, Tennessee.  Amber Brook Gardens, Amber Brook Town Homes, Ramsgate .
  • In Signal Mountain. Carriage Hill, Saint Ives and Walden Farms. 
  • In East Brainerd, Tennessee. Channing Creek, Council Fire, Emerald Valley, Heritage Green, Hurricane Creek.
  • In the highway 58 area. Eagle Bluff, Kings Lake.
  •  In Riverview. The Onclave at Riverview.
  • In East Ridge, Tennessee Pioneer Ridge. 
  • In Tyner, Tennessee. Willow Trace.
  •  In Ooltewah, Tennessee. Windstone.
  • Among others in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

These are just the ones I can remember. There has been a lot more.

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Scott Martin

House Painter, Trim Carpenter & Handyman

Scott Martin

Paul Martin

House Painter & Artist

Paul Martin