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Martin Brothers Painting does kitchen cabinet painting and bathroom cabinet painting like seen on this page. 

IF there is a place to spray them and a place they can dry inside.

We use Advance Waterborne Alkyd paint by Benjamin Moore.

Once this paint has fully cured it is as hard as the old oil base enamel. 

We clean, de-gloss, prime, sand, remove the dust then apply at least two finish coats of paint.


We painted the cabinets these North Chattanooga cabinets.

North Chattanooga Kitchen before
Island before we painted

Tyner area Bathroom before we painted the base cabinet.

before painitng

Tyner master bath base cabinet before paining.

Base cabinet before paining.


North Chattanooga Kitchen after we painted the cabinets.

North Chattanooga Kitchen After painting cabinets
North Chattanooga Kitchen Island after we painted them

Tyner area Bathroom after we painted the base cabinet.

after painting base cabinet

Tyner master bath base cabinet after paining.